Fit Loft

A community where your life, fitness, goals and time are valued.

About Us

Fit Loft is a loft style fitness studio that focuses largely on personal training, cardio, strength training and group fitness. By incorporating several options surrounding the fitness world, Fit Loft’s intention is to create a relaxed, friendly and resourceful environment for our clients to enjoy. Fit Loft’s purpose is to produce positive experiences and life impacting results for each and every one of our clients.

The Fit Loft experience is inspired by the busy and unique lifestyles of people today. We wanted to create an environment where people could enjoy training at a pace and approach that they genuinely enjoy.

With 34000 square feet, Fit Loft offers a high end,executive style training facility that is qualified to serve the likes of executives, business owners, professionals and high-level athletes. The facility itself is modern, clean, and spacious. It also has state of the art equipment options that help our clients reach their fitness goals. Inspiring our clients to reach their personal fitness goals is our greatest passion.

Whether it is through strength training, cardio training or training for an upcoming fitness challenge, helping our clients reach their targets and watching them have fun while doing so brings us tremendous amounts of joy.

Welcome to our family.

The Fit Loft Team

Meet the Team

Our Values


Conversation, advice, help, reassurance and being an extra ear is what we are all about. We make a unique connection as are trainers and staff commit to being friendly and accepting to the needs of our clients. ​


We recognize that actions speak louder than words. We are also aware that people are motivated and driven from seeing consistency from those who are training them. The entire Fit Loft team recognizes that we must live a healthy, efficient and progressive lifestyle so we could inspire our clients to do similar. ​


All of our personal trainers are professionally certified all with an average of over 20,000 hours of training experience. Our process begins with us getting to know our client. Have you trained before? Why have you decided to start training now? How important is fitness to you? What goals do you have with your fitness? From there, we then align our know-how and expertise to your needs and wants to ensure you are satisfied. ​